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Stacked Infix PDF Editor boxes

http://www.incini.com  Try INfix, a great PDF editor for free at http://www.iceni.com/  I was looking for a PDF editor for making changes in PDF files for our business.  I had the ability to create PDF files from my Word program, however I was not able to edit a PDF document.  I had used Adobe and Foxit at my professional workplace; however I enjoy working with INfix more.  The price is more affordable and I'm making the suggestion that our IT at work consider this product for all managers.  INfix is an extremely easy program to use, especially if you use Word.  Features like clicking and changing text, inserting graphics or photos is slick.  The advanced version has some special features like creating editable PDFs from your scanner using OCR, the ability to add your own watermarks, and smart automatic bookmarks.

 Iceni Technology  has a great tutorial library and is very user friendly.  As you'll see from my "Friends" page I don't endorse many products or businesses.  If you're reading this you can be sure that it is a heartfelt recommendation. Diane



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